How To Make Your Charlottesville Lawn Look Better

“What can I do to help my lawn look better?”

There are three simple cultural practices we recommend to help you achieve this goal.

Set Proper Mower Height

First, is to have you lawn cut at the correct height. Fescue turf grows in a “crown” shape, and therefore needs to be mowed no lower than 3.5 inches. The big saying we use is “the taller the shoots, the deeper the roots”. Be mindful to never cut off more than one third of the blade when mowing. For example, let’s say you went on vacation for a week and the grass got a little tall. Don’t be tempted to cut it back all in one mowing. Cut off a little more each week and progressively work the height of the lawn back down to its normal height.

Water Your Lawn

The second thing we recommend is to water the lawn at least 1.5 inches per week. All living things need water, and your lawn is no exception. If mother nature is not providing the lawn with the right amount, then your lawn will need supplemental watering. Now, because you are mowing at the right height, your roots will be deeper into the soil than lawns mowed too short. This is where your lawn has the advantage. These deeper roots can get more moisture out of the soil. This helps the lawn get the water it needs to stay lush and green as possible.

Don’t Let Leaves Kill Your Lawn

So, your mowing right, watering correctly, and we are heading into the fall. Hopefully you just aerated and seeded your lawn. Now the leaves are starting to come off the trees and onto your lawn. The lawn needs the sunlight to photosynthesize. If it is covered up by leaves, this can’t happen. For some people, with no trees, this isn’t a big deal. For others, this can be a seemingly never ending battle. So our third tip, is to make sure the leaves don’t sit on the lawn for more than three days. This is all the time it takes for damage to start to occur to the grass. If possible, a leaf blower is best. Sometimes excessive raking can harm turf, especially the delicate new seedlings from your recent aeration and seeding.

To recap, mow at the correct height, water at the proper amount, and keep the fall leaves off. Three simple things you can do to help your lawn look its best all year.

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