How long does my Service Leader stay on my lawn?

Virginia Green occasionally gets questioned from customers wondering how long their Service Leader was on their lawn. They may feel they have moved too quickly, couldn’t have treated all desired areas, or maybe not enough product was put down. We understand wanting to make sure your lawn is treated efficiently but still effectively to ensure you get the results you desire. And those are the same results Virginia Green wants to see! We hope the details below will answer your questions and ease your mind about our process.

Is My Lawn Being Treated Long Enough?

When service leaders spray lawns (including Tree and Shrub), they spray at 2 gallons per minute, which is intended to cover 1,000 square feet. If they have a 10,000 square foot lawn to spray, it will take 10 minutes (minimum) to spray – which means that for a 1,000 square foot lawn, we could be finished in 1 minute.

Service Leaders have to stay at a constant pace of applying 2 gallons per minute to apply 2 gallons per thousand square feet. Applying too much product will negatively impact your lawn.

Service Leaders do field and classroom training to learn what is required for proper application of product. Walking speeds are covered in training, as they will be different depending on the height and gait of each Service leader. Virginia Green knows everyone walks differently, so we train each team member on how to correctly apply products to cover the square footage of a lawn.

Additionally, the amount of product added to each service truck every day is based on the square footage needed to complete the treatments scheduled for the next day. If customers are concerned their lawn wasn’t treated in its entirety, managers can cross reference product amounts remaining on the truck at the end of the day ­– and can check how long Service Leaders were on the lawn – to determine the accuracy of the work.

Granular applications can be applied more quickly, as the spreader swath is much wider than that of our liquid applications. Time on the lawn in this case is determined by how fast the Service Leader travels. 

If you still have questions, please feel free to contact us at 804.285.6200.