A Good Summer Lawn Tip for Parents!

lawn tip for parents

Summer is here and one of the first things parents do is pull out the plastic kiddie pools and fill them up.  This is a staple of summer family recreation.  All of that watery fun comes with an unsightly side effect.  Dead grass!  After just a few days of leaving the pool on your grass, you can count on finding that the grass underneath has been killed.  This is caused by the combined forces of high pressure and lack of sunlight.  There are ways to avoid killing the grass and still allowing your kids to have fun in the pool and that’s why we are going to guide you in the right direction.

Make sure you move the pool to a different spot every day.  The longer the grass is deprived of sunlight the more likely it is to die.  Empty the pool every night.  Not only is this an important safety precaution to avoid accidents in the dark but it also takes the pressure off of the grass.  Pour the water over the grass that the pool was covering. This area will need water.

To eliminate this problem, you could put the pool on your patio or driveway.  If you choose this option we highly suggest that you lay down foam pads first to make it softer and to keep kids from slipping on wet concrete or stone.  Please make sure you stay with your kids the entire time they are in a pool!

Happy Summer from Virginia Green!