Fun Halloween Decoration Ideas

Halloween is right around the corner and there are many ways you can spruce up your lawn and bushes to get in the spirit! There are many decorations available on the market, but here are a few ideas that you can do on a budget.

1. Glowing Eyes

What you need: Old toilet paper rolls, scissors, glow sticks.

This is a cheap and easy way to bring a little excitement into your bushes. The only thing you need to buy for this trick to work is a cheap little glow in the dark sticks. You can pick these up at any dollar store or decoration store for a couple of bucks. Next, take an old toilet paper roll. Everyone has these brown cardboard rolls, just make sure you clean off any toilet paper that might have stuck to it. Now you can cut two eyes into the cardboard. Be creative in shape and size. They can be just plain circles, slanted eyes, or triangles, up to you! Slide the glow stick into the tube and there you have it. Glowing eyes! Now stick these in your bushes to give you neighbors a freight.

2. Styrofoam Tombstones

What you need: Sheet of Styrofoam, serrated knife, acrylic paint, spray paint, paintbrushes.

This is a fun craft for the whole family! You can make your own little graveyard in your front yard. The first step to making a tombstone is to cut out the shape of the tombstone from the Styrofoam. A large sheet of Styrofoam could get you 3-4 nice size tombstones. With the same knife, carve the name and information onto the Styrofoam, such as ‘RIP’ or ‘Dracula’, whatever you can come up with! Once you have the design all carved out, spray paint your tombstone a gray of your choice. When the paint has dried, use black paint with paintbrushes to paint in the carved out spaces. This will bring out the words and design. There you have it! Homemade tombstones. Place them on your lawn and build your cemetery.

3. Pumpkin Spiders

What you need: Pipe cleaners, toothpick, small pumpkins, scissors, black paper, craft glue.

You can place these little spider pumpkins all over your yard. Scary? Not so much, but a cute and crafty way to get in the spirit. All you need to do is bend 8 pipe cleaners in half to form the spider legs. Then the very in a little bit to form a tiny foot. Next, using the toothpick, poke four holes into each side of the pumpkin to slide the pipe cleans into. Now just cut eyes and a mouth into the black paper and glue them on the front. Now you have pumpkin spiders! Repeat this for as many spiders as you like to place around your property.

These are just some simple Halloween ideas to make your home more festive. Have fun with your decorations. Halloween is a great holiday for the whole family and these DIY projects can be a fun family activity. From everyone here at Virginia Green, have a happy and safe Halloween!