Our annual prepayment discount continues through the end of February. Customers who wish to prepay for programs will receive 5% off their lawn care service and aeration & seeding.  Payments can be made by all major credit cards. Don’t miss out on this money saving offer!

This month our technicians will continue to pull soil samples. Customers on our Premium Lawn Care program may request a soil sampling for only $49.00 by contacting our office.  Results and analysis will be emailed to customers.

Our technicians will continue to treat lawns and landscaping with the first application of the year as weather permits.  Lawn care application #1 is a liquid application of both pre and post-emergent weed control along with fertilizer.  This application will control any remaining winter weeds and begin building a pre-emergent barrier to keep weeds and crabgrass from appearing in the spring.

Tree and shrub application #1 consists of Horticultural oil for over-wintering insects, sucking insects, and scales.  This application is applied as a liquid to targeted woody ornamental shrubs and flowering trees less than 25 feet in height.