February & March 2018 Lawn of the Month Winners

Lawn of the Month

The temperatures have FINALLY started to warm up! It has been hard to pick our lawn of the month winners under all this snow. Below you will find the winners for February and March. Congratulations to all our winners and when you are out enjoying your lawns this spring, be sure to submit a picture for your chance to win.

February Winners

First we have the Sutherlin family in Henrico. They are beginning their second year with Virginia Green. They are currently on the Premium program and their lawn was sure a beautiful green!

Next we have the Hahn family in Keswick. This is their third year with Virginia Green and they are on the Premium program. With their submission, they wrote, “The fall seeding with the Virginia Green Lawn Mix coupled with the recent fertilizer application has my lawn standing out among those others on our street. I truly appreciate the thorough job that the Virginia Green associates do in applying the applications.” Team work makes for one gorgeous, weed free lawn!


Our next winner belongs to the Redd family in Glen Allen. They are currently on the premium program. Along with beautiful pictures, they wrote, “I am entering my second year of using Virginia Green and I have truly appreciated the great service your company has provided. Just wanted to share pictures of my yard during the first year of Virginia Green application. Looking forward to my second year of applications that have already started! Thanks a million, Virginia Green!” The turf looks amazing, especially with those mowing skills!


March Winners

Our first winners for March go to the Pruden family of Henrico. They are currently on the Premium program and are now in their 3rd year with Virginia Green. Their lawn is really looking healthy and weed free!


Next we have the Simons family of Williamsburg. As of last year, they have upgraded to the Estate program and have been with Virginia Green for two years now. They have a lovely dark green, healthy turf!


Our third winning property belongs to the McCormack in Chesterfield. They started with Virginia Green last fall. After purchasing some Virginia Green seed, it looks like their lawn is really thriving!


The fourth winning property goes to the Demek family in Palmyra. They also started with Virginia Green last fall and are currently on the Premium program. Their lawn is coming along nicely and is looking healthy!


Our last – but certainly not least – winner for March goes to the Muoio family in Mechanicsville. They have been with Virginia Green since 2011! With their submission, they wrote, “This is what a Virginia Green yard looks like! You guys have treated our lawn for several years with the estate program and man does it look good! We really appreciate the professionalism of your company!” That is certainly a Lawn of the Month winner!


Thank you to all our customers who submitted to be chosen. Remember, if you were not chosen this month, submit again next month by emailing property@virginiagreenlawncare.com. We have new winners each month!