February 2019 Lawn of the Month Winners

We are pleased to announce February’s Lawn of the Month winners! If you weren’t chosen, next month is another opportunity to show off your beautiful lawn in anticipation of spring. We want to thank everyone who submitted. Remember, each month is a new chance to win $75 toward future applications.

First, we have the Degaraff family from Moseley, Virginia. They are a new Estate Lawn Care customer just starting service with us this year. In their submission, they wrote “My yard provides our family with the serenity that nature holds, and the service that we are receiving from Virginia Green, advance notice of treatments, email communications detailing upcoming priorities, information regarding poa, etc., has me convinced that we made the right decision to switch to Virginia Green!” We are pleased that you have decided to switch and we can’t wait to continue to service your beautiful lawn.

Next, we have the Johnson family from Fredericksburg, Virginia. This is their second year being a part of the Virginia Green family. We love how beautiful and green your turf is looking this winter. Can’t wait to see the results this spring and fall. Keep up the great work!

Now, we have the Drezek family from Henrico, Virginia. The Drezek family has been with Virginia Green for the past six years. We love that you have been a dedicated customer. With their submission they wrote, “Love our Virginia Green lawn because they keep it weedless and looking great!” They also submitted another photo of their lawn comparing what their neighbor’s grass looks like, stating, “You can really tell the difference between our neighbor’s and our lawn. It’s all because of VA Green Lawn Care!” We love to hear from our satisfied customers and to know that you love your lawn just as much as we do.

Fourth, we have the Jansen family from Midlothian, Virginia. They have been a part of the Virginia Green family for the past year. With Aeration and Seeding done last fall, you are able to see the difference in your bright green turf and how weed free your lawn has been this winter.

Last but not least, we have the Smith family from Earlysville, Virginia. They have been a part of the Estate Lawn Care family for the past 6 years. Your lawn is definitely ready for the spring and summer time!

Thank you again for all your submissions and please keep them coming! Remember to include why you love your lawn when you send your pictures. Send to property@virginiagreenlawncare.com.