Fall is a Great Time to Mulch!

Many people replace or renew their mulch in the fall. This is a great time of year for mulching, here are a few reasons why:

  • Mulching your beds helps to suppress weeds, keeps the soil warm in the winter, and conserves water.
  • Mulching also helps to reduce stress on plants with shallow roots and improves drainage and soil structure. Not to mention fresh new mulch looks good!

Best practices for success!

  • The size of the mulch will determine the depth you put down. Larger mulch allows more air and light penetration, so mulch such as bark nuggets or pine straw can be laid up to 4 inches deep. Finer mulch like shredded bark or compost should be applied at only 2-3 inches deep. A thicker layer can reduce oxygen to the plant roots and “smother” them.
  • Piling mulch up at the base of plants can also cause them to rot and die! Whatever mulch you choose, be certain to leave at least a couple of inches of space around the trunks of trees or the crowns of plants to allow them to “breathe”.


Mulch is a good addition to your lawn –  make sure to freshen yours up this fall!