Don’t Forget About Your Mower!

Prepping your mower for enduring a long mowing season is one of the most important tasks that homeowner who values a nice Virginia Green lawn can do. There are a few key items that I like to focus on when getting my mower prepped for spring.

  1. I will always change out the spark plug. This will generally improve the performance of the mower. Especially, if your mower has been tough to start in the past. You will be surprised what a difference a new spark plug can make when you go to start your mower.
  2. I like to change out or tighten any belts. These tend to rot and/or lose tension after a season or two.
  3. An oil change is certainly in order to start the season. Just like your car engine, the engine of the mower needs new oil occasionally.   I personally have a smaller lawn and a “once a year” oil change suites my mower just fine. Refer to your owner’s manual to see how often you should be changing your mower oil.
  4. I would also sharpen the blade. I actually do this AT LEAST twice a year. Depending on lawn size, more than twice is probably necessary. If you happen to get a brand new mower to start the season, make sure to sharpen the blade. Even though the mower is new, 99% of the time the blade hasn’t been sharpened. A lot of times, even if you only go to the store to purchase a new blade, it doesn’t come sharpened. So make sure to sharpen all of your newly purchased blades. A clean cut on your grass is one of the most important things you can do to insure a healthy grass plant.   A clean cut insures a nice uniform lawn, as well as, allows the grass blade to recover fully from the mowing.

Following these simple steps of mower maintenance, can insure that you’re doing your part in helping your mower last as long as possible while giving your lawn the cleanest cut possible.