Disease on Commercial Lawns and Our Estate Lawn Care Program


estate program

Treated vs. Untreated

It’s that time of the year where temperatures outside are rising and lawn diseases need to be prevented. Disease is prevalent during moist/humid, hot weather. Brown patch, also known as Rhizoctonia, has started to flare up in our service areas and is most active when grass remains wet and temperatures reach low to mid 70s overnight..

THE WHAT/WHY:  We know our customers take great pride in their lawns or they would not have lawn care services. We provide our customers with all the tools necessary for them to get the very best out of their lawns. When it comes to lawn disease, it is very important to be proactive rather than reactive. This is why upgrading now is important! If you choose to wait, the damage maybe already done.

Fungicides work by killing and preventing fungus that is causing the disease and stop it from spreading throughout the lawn. Applying fungicides prior to disease and with proper timing will protect your lawn from common diseases we see in Virginia, such as “brown patch,” Rhizoctonia, and “dollar spot,” Clarireedia. The fungicides we use are systemic products, which means the fungicides are absorbed and move throughout the plant to PREVENT and CURE the disease.

Our Estate Lawn Care Program protects your lawn from disease. Not only do you receive all of the same applications you have now, but you will also receive a free soil test each year and the additional applications including;

  • 4 applications of fungicide every 28-32 days
  • 1 year-long grub control application
  • Nutsedge control
  • Additional summer and broadleaf control

Call our office now to obtain the information that you need to protect your lawn including pricing and details. We have started these applications and will continue until the end of August. Your lawn is an investment and like all investments, make sure you invest in the right place. To learn more about the Estate Lawn Care program, please click here.