As we finish out the end of the year, we are finishing up the final applications of the year on both the lawn care and tree and shrub programs.  For lawn care this means that technicians will be prepared to apply a liquid treatment of broadleaf weed control and fertilizer to control winter weeds that have germinated along with new grass seedlings in the lawn.  If a technician visits a property with a recently seeded lawn that they feel is too young to handle weed control, they will apply a granular application of fertilizer, and wait until the start of the New Year for weed control.  The technicians will make an assessment on a lawn by lawn basis to ensure the best treatment for the lawn.

For customers on our tree and shrub program the final application of the year is a treatment of horticultural oil.  This application is designed to treat over wintering and sucking insects on susceptible plant material.

Technicians are also beginning to pull soil samples for customers on our Estate Lawn Care program to send off for analysis.  If you are a customer on our Premium Lawn Care program and you would like a soil analysis for your yard, simply contact our office and we will schedule one for only $49.00.  If you have questions about any of these applications, or would like an analysis for our tree and shrub program please contact our office and we will be happy to assist you.