December 2017 Lawn of the Month Winners

Lawn of the Month

Last month was still strong for our Lawn of the Month competition! With lots of entries, it was hard to choose. If you weren’t chosen in 2017, remember, it’s a brand new year! This year, we will have even more chances to win. Richmond will be selecting three winning properties this year, with Charlottesville, Williamsburg and Fredericksburg having two winners each month.  Make sure you enter your beautiful properties each month.

First for December of 2017, we have the Williams family of Midlothian. They are currently on the Premium Program.  With their entry the wrote “Thank you for doing a superior job!!” The lawn was really looking green and healthy in December.


For our next property we have the DePoy family in Ruckersville. This is their first year with Virginia Green and are currently on the Estate program. After receiving Aeration and Seeding this fall, their lawn was looking outstanding in December!


Next we have the Hawk family from Chesterfield. This is also their first year with Virginia Green. After their aeration and seeding this fall, their lawn is that lush, weed free green carpet.


The fourth winner for December belongs to the Fetch family in Spotsylvania. They represent our first Lawn of the Month winners from our newest branch in Fredericksburg. They are currently on the Premium program and their lawn is really looking beautiful.


Our next winning property belongs to the Heath family in Chester. They have been with Virginia Green for 12 years now! Currently on the Estate program, their lawn really has a beautiful color for December!


And last but certainly now least, we have the Tsependa family in Williamsburg. They are currently on the Estate program and after Aeration and Overseding this fall, their lawn could not look better for the end of the year!


Congratulations goes out to all of our winning properties who will receive a $75 credit toward future service, and their technicians will each receive a gift card for their efforts.

If you feel that your property is deserving of the title “Lawn of the Month” please submit a current digital photo with your name, address, and phone number to