What Can I Put on Moss to Get Rid of it?

Question: What can I put on moss to get rid of it?

Answer: A Rake!

We have been getting a lot of calls about moss this year, with customers wanting to know why they have it and if there is a product that can be applied to get rid of it. Hopefully the information below will shed some light on this common nuisance.

Moss thrives in shady environments with poor air flow. An old wives’ tale says that the presence of moss means your pH is low (acidic soil) and your lawn needs lime. This is not true! Moss will grow just as well in perfectly balanced soil as it will in an acidic lawn. To help alleviate these issues, we generally recommend removing trees or limbs from the environment to allow for more light and oxygen. Even after this is done, moss can stick around until you remove it.

While there are some products that will kill moss, we don’t really recommend you use them. The reason is that although moss will die, it will also return unless it is physically removed (raked out) and the conditions that cause it are corrected. Since you must remove moss anyway, there is no reason to apply an additional chemical control first – just rake it out from the start.

Once moss has been removed, something should be put in its place so it doesn’t return. We recommend aerating and seeding in the fall in most cases, but in an area with constant shade and airflow challenges, other options such as a shade bed or mulch bed may be a better idea.

We want to be certain we are addressing the issues you are facing. We encourage our customers to ask questions about their lawns and what is happening in them. Give us a call at (804) 285-6200 and we’ll take care of you!