August 2019 Lawn of the Month Winners

We are excited to announce the August Lawn of the Month winners! If you weren’t chosen, next month is another opportunity to show off your lovely lawns this season. Remember, each month is a new chance to win $75 toward a future application.

First, we have the Rank family from Prince George, Virginia. They have been a part of the Virginia Green family for two years now. With their submission they wrote, “We have had multiple lawn care services over our 17 years of living here. After having Virginia Green for three years, we are delighted with our beautiful lawn—even now in mid-August it is still lush and green and no weeds. When our neighbors ask who does our lawn—we are happy to say Virginia Green. We do leave the Virginia Green sign in our front flower bed. Thank you, Virginia Green!” Thank you, Rank family, for putting your trust in Virginia Green.

Next, we have the McKay family from Charlottesville, Virginia. They have been a part of the Virginia Green family for the past two years and also a part of the Premium program. With aeration and seeding done last fall, your turf looks lush, green, and healthy. The shade didn’t even stand in the way of providing your lawn with the care that was needed. Keep up the great work!

Third, we have the Bickham family from Mechanicsville, Virginia. The Bickham family has been with Virginia Green a little over a year and the results are stunning. With their submission they said, “My lawn really makes coming home that much nicer :).” We’re so pleased that your lawn is looking great this summer and that you love it as well.

Now, we have the Hylinski family from Fredericksburg, Virginia. They have been with Virginia Green for the past year and are on the Estate Lawn Care program. With the summer heat, your lawn was still able to maintain a lush, thick turf. With your aeration and seeding service last fall, the growth of your lawn has definitely transformed. Your trees and shrubs look immaculate with your freshly mowed lawn.

Fifth, we have the Shepherd family from Glen Allen, Virginia. They have been a part of the Virginia Green family for the past seven years. Thank you for your commitment to Virginia Green over the years in keeping your lawn in great condition. With their submission they wrote, “My yard is thicker and better than ever for the middle of August.” Your lawn is looking great and withstanding the heat. Your mulch beds definitely make your landscape stand out.

Sixth, we have the Graham family from Fort Monroe, Virginia. They have been a part of the Virginia Green family for a year and a half. With their submission they stated, “Our home was built on Fort Monroe in 1908. We struggle with the soil conditions, and the age of the landscaping. Because the homes are only available to rent, and are historic, we are limited as to what we can do to better the condition of both the structure of the house, and the yard, but we are VERY pleased with what Virginia Green Lawn Care has accomplished in just one season! We have thousands of people visit the Fort every summer, and we have received countless compliments this year about our grass! Thank you for helping to maintain the beauty of this National Park site!” Graham family, we’re pleased that your lawn is transforming to be a beautiful lawn on Fort Monroe. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Last but not least, we have the Williams family from Richmond Virginia. This month marks the one-year anniversary of the Williams family’s being a part of the Virginia Green family. With their submission they stated, “I love my lawn because two years ago, this was an empty lot full of stones and clay dirt (before our home was built). Now it’s the talk of the neighborhood. Every day people from the entire area stop us and compliment us on how beautiful our yard is and ask who is taking care of it. Most of them remember when our home was an empty lot which is located directly behind the development sign (Huntington Place) It’s the first home everyone sees when entering our development and last home when leaving. So thank you so much, Virginia Green, for making our property such a standout! You guys are the best!!!” Thank you for the kind words. We couldn’t have done it without your partnership and help.

Thank you again for ALL your submissions and please keep them coming! We have more beautiful fall months ahead. Remember to include why you love your lawn when you send your pictures to