August 2018 Lawn of the Month Winners

Lawn of the Month

We are pleased to announce the August Lawn of the Month winners. We want to thank everyone who submitted. Remember, each month is a new chance to win $75 towards future applications.

First, we have the Williams family in Midlothian, Virginia. This is their second year with us and they are Estate Lawn Care customers and part of the Tree and Shrub program! We love how beautiful the lawn looks despite the crazy weather this summer.

Next, we have the Maxey family in Chester, Virginia. This is their eleventh year with Virginia Green! With their submission they wrote, “So happy with all the rain and the work you do. My lawn is looking wonderful this summer.” We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful yard.

Third, we have the Budnick family in Richmond, Virginia. They are Premium Lawn Care customers and this is their twelfth year with us! Along with their submission they wrote, “Virginia Green is always professional, informative and very helpful and accommodating.” Well Budnick family, that’s what we’re here for. Anything you need, just ask.

Next from Chester, Virginia we have the Kiddy family. They have been with us for the past two years are part of the Estate program. We love the way your lawn is flourishing. Would love to take a seat and relax underneath the tree.

From our Fredericksburg branch, we have the Ditzler family. This is their second year with Virginia Green. Loving how spacious and healthy their lawn is looking this summer.

Sixth, we have the Atkinson family from Williamsburg, Virginia. With their submission they wrote, “This is my second year with Virginia Green. In spite of the heat and now a lot of rain, my lawn is still doing okay. Many of my neighbors have switched to Virginia Green because they like how my lawn looks.” Extremely thankful for the referrals you have sent this way.

Last but not least, we have the Spencer family located in Midlothian, Virginia. Their lawn is a gorgeous deep green and we love the mowing pattern – which actually helps decrease compaction of the soil.

Thank you again for all your submissions and please keep them coming! Send to