April 2019 Lawn of the Month Winners

We are pleased to announce the April Lawn of the Month winners! With over 70 submissions this month, it was a difficult decision to choose ­– thank you to everyone who submitted! If you weren’t chosen, next month is another opportunity to show off your beautiful lawn during this spring season. Remember, each month is a new chance to win $75 toward future applications.

First, we have the Francis family from Midlothian, Virginia. This is the third year being a part of the Virginia Green family and are on the Estate Lawn Care program. Your lawn is looking absolutely beautiful this spring and the blooming Redbud trees really makes your property stand out. What a great start to the spring season!

Next, we have the Payne family from Keswick, Virginia. They have been with us for the past three years. What a beautiful weed-free lawn you have. We can tell that you just mowed by the vertical lines on your lawn. Remember, changing your mowing pattern reduces compaction of the soil – continue to keep up the great work!

Now we have the West family from Midlothian, Virginia. They have been with us for the past six months. With their submission they wrote, “I want to submit my beautiful lawn, and it (thanks to Virginia Green and our hard work) looks absolutely beautiful. I purchased this home five months ago and the yard did not look like this. All my neighbors have stopped by to tell us how beautiful it is and I told them to call Virginia Green. One friend Kathy Fischer has already called and is scheduled. Thank you, Virginia Green…I love my yard!” We’re so thrilled that you are pleased with your lawn. It’s amazing what five months can do. The back of your lawn looks just as stunning!

Fourth, we have the Park family from Toano, Virginia. They have been a part of the Premium Lawn Care family for the past two years. With their submission they wrote, “I have been a satisfied customer for two years now.” We hope you will continue to be a happy customer for many years to come! With aeration and seeding done last fall, it has really given your lawn that lush, green look.

Up next is the Bishoff family Beaverdam, Virginia. They have been a part of the Virginia Green family for the past three years. With their submission they wrote, “Through patience and commitment, Virginia Green has been changing our lawn to something to be proud of. We love mowing our weed-free lawn and walking on it feels like carpet! Thanks so much for all you do!” Thank you for your kind words and commitment to your lawn. Teamwork goes a very long way.

Sixth, we have the McDowell family from Fredericksburg, Virginia. Over the past year and a half, their lawn has definitely begun to stand out within their neighborhood. With their submission they wrote, “We moved into our new home a year and a half ago. We had you guys get on board as soon as we moved in to ensure our almost one acre of freshly laid sod would thrive. We could not be happier with how it has turned out. It is so lush and is the most vibrant shade of green. We get complemented constantly! We love seeing our kids out in the backyard playing and couldn’t have envisioned a better-looking lawn! Thanks VA Green!!”

Now we have the Campbell family from Henrico, Virginia. With their submission they said, “We purchased our home & the previous owner had not mowed or removed leaves for 3 years. So, we had to completely start our lawn from scratch with new soil & seed. Our Tech was supportive & told us to hang in there and in a few years, we would have a nice lawn. So, with his work & guidance we now have a lawn that our neighbors are in awe of. They really can’t believe in only a few years how far we have brought the lawn. We give all credit to Va. Green. Thank you.” With all the photos you submitted of your entire lawn, this beautiful deep green turf really looks good across the board.

Next, coming from Toano, Virginia, we have the Reed family. They submitted two pictures – one was taken in the morning and one was taking in the afternoon sun. With their submissions they wrote, “In both pictures you can see how incredibly lush and green our lawn has become, thanks in great part to Virginia Green! As the last Virginia Green tech said during his visit, our lawn has grown to “estate quality,” and we couldn’t be more pleased! Keep it coming Virginia Green!” We are pleased to partner with you and help make your lawn look gorgeous.

Ninth, we have the Slattery family from Midlothian, Virginia. They have been with us for five years and are a part of the Estate Lawn Care program. With their submission they wrote, “We are so proud of our Virginia Green lawn and want everyone to see how beautiful a lawn can be when you take excellent care of it. We constantly receive compliments on our lawn and always credit Virginia Green.” Excellent care, proper watering, and mowing can help your lawn go a long way!

The Evans family comes to us from Chesterfield, Virginia. With their submission they said, “We have been with Virginia Green now for the last 7 months and it has been the best investment that we could have made for our lawn. Our technician Nik has done a wonderful job in treating our lawn, and this spring I can tell you our lawn has seen an incredible improvement from this time last year. We are very pleased to be with Virginia Green and the results speak for themselves. Take a look.” We are excited as pleased with your lawn as you are – it’s such a beautiful, deep green, lush lawn this April!

Last but not least, we have the Clark family from Glen Allen, Virginia. Over the past nine months, their lawn as really transformed. With their submission they wrote, “My next-door neighbor, who I referred, won Lawn of the Month & has the sign in her yard. I want this bad as we have regular turf wars. All I can say is call Virginia Green… they are the real deal.” We sincerely appreciate your kind words and the referrals you send our way. Enjoy the Lawn of the Month sign in your yard this month!

Thank you again for ALL your submissions and please keep them coming! We have many wonderful months ahead. Remember to include why you love your lawn when you send your pictures property@virginiagreenlawncare.com.