Mosquito Control

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MosquitoXpress Professional Mosquito and Tick Control offers a wide range of services. See below for more information about how we can provide safe, effective and affordable mosquito and tick control for your home, business, or special event.

Mosquito Barrier Spray

Not only are mosquitoes an annoyance, causing itchy painful bites, but can also spread harmful diseases such as West Nile Virus.

MosquitoXpress’ trained technicians will safely apply only EPA approved products in a barrier spray to your trees & shrubs every 21 days. These applications not only kill adult mosquitoes on contact but continue to repel for weeks of outdoor enjoyment. In addition to managing your adult mosquito population, we will inspect your entire property for standing water that may harbor larvae.

Natural Solution Mosquito Treatment

If all natural is your preference MosquitoXpress offers a garlic spray alternative which works wonderfully. Garlic mosquito spray creates a barrier that lasts 14 days (versus 21 days for our synthetic product). In addition to killing and chasing away your existing adult mosquito population, the natural mosquito garlic spray coats the leaf surface of your turf and ornamentals with natural sulfur contained in garlic juice, fending off entry from adjacent habitat. Garlic spray is also effective in reducing mosquito larvae, which are suffocated when the spray coats the water’s surface, preventing oxygen from reaching the larvae.

In addition to being an effective mosquito control treatment, our natural alternative is safe for use around children and pets, allowing you to feel secure that your property is being protected effectively.

Tick Control

Lyme Disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever and other tick transmitted illnesses are no joke. Spread by the bite of infected deer ticks, there have been more than 150,000 cases of Lyme Disease reported to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) since 1982. With progressive advancement into the Mid-Atlantic states due to an abundance of deer tick hosts -deer & white-footed mice- preventative measures are now more advisable than ever.

Between 2004 & 2011 the incidence of Lyme Disease in Virginia rose 375%. In 2011 96% of all Lyme disease cases were reported in just 13 states. Virginia was among them. Make sure your outdoor areas are protected from ticks by getting started today.

Special Event Mosquito Control

Whether wedding, fund raiser, swim meet, family reunion or any other special occasion, don’t let mosquitoes ruin your get together. Contact us 48 hours in advance, and we will create a barrier of protection so that you and your guests can enjoy the occasion without distraction.

Your special event spray will provide weeks of mosquito free activity without the distracting odors of other control methods, giving you one less detail to worry about.